Bryton Codd – A Soaring Galen Eagle

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Bryton Codd’s – A Soaring Galen Eagle

An Eagle shout out goes to Bryton Codd, a prominent volleyball player, and former student body president (2016-2017), who continues to dream, thrive and grow. Currently, he is serving as an independent consultant for the United Nation Development Program and MAFFEFDI (Government) under the biodiversity finance initiative as well as continues to work tirelessly to excel in his professional and athletic endeavours.

From a young age, Codd had a deep appreciation for volleyball; however, when he was invited to practice with the Jaguars Volleyball team in 2013, this appreciation manifested into a passion. He dedicated himself to fine-tuning his raw talent, which eventually paid off. In 2014, Codd was selected to play with the U-23 National Team, where he competed as the middle blocker in the Central American U-23 male championship. As his talent grew, he became more dominant in the middle blocker position. As a result, he was invited to be a part of Belize’s senior national team. He then began to train vigorously to mold his skills, which later rewarded him a position as the captain of the U-23 team in 2016. In this tournament, internationally, he was awarded as the best scorer and best attacker of the tournament. In that very same year, Codd, along with his teammates, managed to win a bronze medal in the world championship qualification tournament that was held in Belize. In 2017, he made his debut view in the Central American game where he was ranked second best scorer for the tournament. His exceptional performance at the Central American game captured the attention of the head coach at Briercrest College in Saskatchewan, Canada. This encounter not only paved the way for Codd to receive an athletic scholarship from the academic institution but also enabled him to play as an outside hitter for the Briarcrest Clippers men volleyball team. In the fall semester, he will be obtaining a master’s degree in Management and Leadership.

“In order to dream, grow, and thrive, we must affirm within ourselves the understanding of failure, but with the will to never give up. In that same process, we must not forget to be our brother’s keeper and provide the beacon of light for others”.
~ Bryton A. Codd~

Codd expresses his deepest gratitude to Galen University for providing him with the fundamental tools to pursue a graduate level degree, as well as an expansion of his employment marketability.

Let us all give a Harpy Eagle shout-out to this brilliant alumni as he embarks on his new journey!

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