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Beyond the Nets

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True victory is not arriving at a destination of success, but rather embarking on a journey that

inspires the heart of many along the way. –Julia Arzu

Like any other basketball season, the road to victory has been one of great discipline, sacrifice, determination,

perseveration, and most of all, perspiration. Every step of this journey was nerve wrecking as any match could have

been the last. The thought of defeat, however, was not mentally instilled, for a fifth year of a triumphant victory

was the aim. So sought, so found. For five consecutive years, Galen has withheld the title as National Basketball

Champions. These young men have not only made their entire school proud, but have also imprinted a unique victory

in the hearts of their supporters that time itself cannot erase. In the last week of October, they stepped on the

University of Belize (UB) basketball court as athletes, and on November 26 th , they soared out of that same arena

as inspirational leaders. These young leaders have inspired others in ways they will never understand. They have

given the strength to deter defeat:

They have showed me great determination. Their action on the court

has taught me that even if you are losing, you can come back, win the

game and be number one. It’s not only about winning, but also about

developing a family, which they have developed within themselves.

Because, if you had seen the way how they played on the court, they

played with unity.

~ Nadeine Orellano~

The will to carry on:

“It encouraged me to push harder for my dreams and strive for my

goals. During the season, they never gave up, even when the

circumstances seemed bleak. That has inspired me not to give up,

especially in school and sports”.

~Oneisha Burns~

The courage to believe:

“They inspired me. They made me believe that anything is achievable

and that anyone could do it; it just takes dedication and practice. With

school, it inspired me to work harder, just as they did. As well as, to

manage time which we, too, can do”.

~Noheli Habet~

The power for reformation:

“It made me learn how to handle any situation under pressure. Most of

the time, especially for the first game, I was failing a lot, and it

frustrated me. I was at a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. And

basketball has helped me to overcome those obstacles. Instead of giving

in to the negativity, I fed off of it and improved my game. After that, I

just went on the court and had a positive mind”.

~Nigel Martinez~

Not all victories are meant to be won in a physical arena. As displayed by Galen’s eagles, victories, the most

influential ones, are won abstractly. Within a few decades, the glory will fade and the trophies and medals will

rust away, but these individuals will never forget the impact that these players made in their lives.

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