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Article 11 – Three, an Article written by Dr. David Aguilar, professor of computer science and engineer at Galen University

Article 11 – Three

Article 11 – Three This is our eleventh article, and yet I’m entitling it “Three.” Why? My Computer Science students should know… and if they contact me by email and tell me the solution to this little riddle, there might be some points in it for them on the upcoming midterm! If you aren’t in […]

10 – Machine Learning (or What A.I. Ain’t)

10 – Machine Learning (or What A.I. Ain’t)

10 – Machine Learning (or What A.I. Ain’t) For students who are new to our lovely little university, welcome to Galen!  For those of you who are returning, welcome back! It’s hard to believe that this is already my 10th monthly article in the Galen Newsletter… almost a year!  It is amazing how quickly time […]

09 – Zen and the Art of Computer Programming

09 – Zen and the Art of Computer Programming

09 – Zen and the Art of Computer Programming We’re about to get back into it.  Summer is just about over, and by now your thoughts should be starting to lean academic-ward.  I hope you had a good break… I certainly did. As you may recall from my last article, 08-Download, I spent the first […]

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"Eagle Inside"

Eagle Inside Shows its Spirit!

 Eagle Inside Shows its Spirit!        For one you have to tip your hat to the Sacred Heart JC Mens Football team as they qualified last night to represent the Western Region in the Mens ATLIB Football National Championships by defeating The Galen Eagles by the score of 7-2.  Congrats!  The Eagles were without […]

Galen Eagles vs SHC Scorpions

Galen Eagles vs Scared Heart Scorpions football game

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts. –Winston Churchill (1874-1965), former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tomorrow evening at 6PM the Galen Eagles Mens Football Team will take the pitch at Norman Broaster Stadium to face the defending national champions Sacred Heart College Scorpions.  The […]

Galen Eagle Mens Football Preview

Galen Eagle Mens Football Preview

Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!   The Galen Eagles Mens Football Team will open its ATLIB competition tomorrow at 2PM at Isodoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan vs UB.  Last night the Eagles went toe to toe with Adventures FC a first division team from San Ignacio.  The Eagles who gave up 3 first half goals […]

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Campus Life

Everhett  and Renanta

Squawking with the Eagles

Squawking with the Eagles Ending of last semester, a rumours of an amazing opportunity was buzzing around campus. According to the rumour several students would be given the opportunity to study in Canada for an entire semester on a fully paid scholarship. Lo and behold, this ‘hush-hush’ rumour turned into reality when the then Dean […]

Monday Motivational Thoughts

Monday Motivational Thoughts!

Monday Motivational Thoughts! I started attending Galen in the 2016 fall semester and throughout that semester, I had to use the skills I acquired from high school in order to adjust to life as a tertiary level student. More specifically, a Galen eagle. Within the first year, I had many expectations set for myself and […]


Galen Students Dress up for Halloween!

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